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About the Library

Our Library was constructed and inaugurated with the help of the Board of Directors, staff and students after intensive research and brainstorming of ideas. This helped to ensure that the library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources to enable lecturers, students and other relevant stakeholders to gain access to it in the course of their stay in the College.

Comprehensive information relevant to your studies can be found via our VLE Social Media platforms (YouTube) or by emailing our librarian to book an appointment for a one to one support (drop-in session) regarding picking up student manuals, selecting the right core/recommended textbooks, using printers and other resources. These productive sessions can help you with your learning, academic research and with making the most out of your time in the college. Our Librarians on both campuses  are always willing to welcome students and help them choose the right learning materials to enhance their learning.

  • Student ID card: Your student or staff card is a recognized card and you can use that to borrow books, journals and other resources from the Library by contacting the Resource Officer at the Library. If you accidentally misplace your student card, contact:


         Emrun Islam (Ilford Campus)

         Administrator/Fee and Attendance Officer


         Mariana Asrafova (Gants Hill)

         Admission Officer


  • Using the Library: The Library is open to all students of the College. In line with the government guidelines to curb Covid-19, all students are required to use hand sanitizers provided at the library at both campuses, however the wearing of a face covering is not compulsory. Students who embark on unaccepted behaviours or a deliberate misuse of resources will not be allowed to use the library. All mobile phones and other electronic gadgets must be switched off as it’s a quiet study area. No food and drinks are allowed in the Library. Netiquette is very important and students are advised to use the IT facilities for academic purposes only.


  • Borrowing and return of resources: Students can borrow books from the Library. Students are required to submit their ID card to the Librarian in order to borrow the books. Books are to be returned after two weeks of borrowing. Students in need of an extension should contact the Librarian via the phone or email.


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Ilford Campus

The Ilford campus library is located at the fourth floor of Olympic house. There are study spaces available for students to either do their coursework or enjoy some  time in the quiet study area. The quiet study area has plugs which enable students to use their personal laptops. Students also have access to the College’s Wi-Fi, making it convenient to use the internet for research purposes. There are 8  designated spaces for students which are all available to be used by students once Covid-19 restrictions are eased and students are finally back on campus. The Library also has a small group study area where there is a  comfortable couch available for students to sit and discuss group work or hold meetings.

The Library is open to all students and lecturers of the College from 9:00 to 5:30 Monday to Friday and closed on weekends/Bank Holidays.

Address: Room 411, 4th Floor Olympic House 28-42, Clements Road, Ilford, IG1 1BA.

Telephone: 02085140033

Anita Ghetia

Library and Learning Resources Officer


Gants Hill Campus

Our Gants Hill Library is located at the base or the ground floor next to the reception.

The Library has about twenty study spaces with computers for students to carry out their research or get their assignments completed.

There is also a large group study area for students to sit and discuss group work which is designed to give students the comfort and concentration they need.

There  are books for all courses at the Library such as Hospitality Management, Business Top up, Masters in International Marketing. Apart from going to the Library to borrow books or complete assignments, students can also go there to enjoy reading  novels which are available on the shelves at Gants Hill. Business magazines, published journals, peer reviewed journals are also available for research purposes.

There are also printers available at the Gants Hill Library for students to use free of charge when printing study materials.

The Gants Hill Library is opened to all students and lecturers of the College from 9:00 to 5:00 Monday to Friday and closed on weekends/Bank Holidays.

Address: Commercial House, 406-410 Eastern Avenue Ilford, Essex, IG2 6NQ.

Telephone: 0203 500 0239

Yvonne Alexander-Taylor

Library and Learning Resources Manager


In addition, Redbridge Central Library is a five-minute walk from the Ilford Campus.

More information can be found via the link below:

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